It’s been a big day, Part One!

About a year ago I wrote a short story entitled “Bleedthrough.” It was a compact little scifi/horror tale about Jack the Ripper, with the murders seen through the eyes of a young woman who’s using virtual reality therapy to work off her frustrations with work and daily life. And she gets changed by the experience. Oh, does she get changed.

That little story’s had its share of journeys. One beta reader deemed it brilliant. Two were too squicked to finish it, Gods bless them. I submitted it to various markets and always got “well written but no thanks”.

Until now.

On Dark Markets, I recently found Sanitarium Magazine. Their DM description included this bit: “…if it sticks in your head or gets under your skin as you try to sleep at night – we want to read it.”

So I thought, what the heck. I submitted the story a day or two ago, using an iPhone uploader app. I didn’t think it worked; I got no confirmation of any kind.

Today I got an acceptance email. I’m working on my contract/contributor info. And I am very, very proud to say that “Bleedthrough” will make its Sanitarium debut on January 20th.

I’m going to gloat. Just a little.