A shoutout and a new piece

So Kelli Perkins mentioned Bleedthrough in Bleeders’ Digest #11 (you may have to subscribe to see the issue, but seriously, why wouldn’t you?) and I’m doing my little happy dance here 🙂

And because my life’s not complete without writing something now and again, my latest microfic “Soprano” is up at Pen of the Damned as part of Damned Words 33!

I also have editing projects I’d love to talk about, but the books have to be released first so you can buy them…ahahahaha.

The Reprint Tango

Reprints. I enjoy achieving reprints. It’s like a game: how many markets will take this story?

So I’m happy to announce that my story “And Drown Melancholy” has achieved its ninth and tenth printings, online at Scarlet Leaf Review, and in print in At Midnight (Scars Publications), respectively.

And while I’m at it, a revised version of my story “Clary Recollected” (first published in last year’s anthology Possessions 3) is now available in print in Night Terrors and Daymares, Vol. 1. Happy reading!

A little more damnation…

I have two more short fics up at Pen of the Damned!

Ashes“: because sometimes summoning goes wrong. *evil smile* I’ve had a couple of requests to expand this story, so that may happen. It actually began life as a (significantly different) introductory scene for a Lovecraftian roleplay by email that didn’t quite pan out, but the imagery stuck.

Whispers” is part of Damned Words 30, and happened because cornfields are creepy and I’ll forever associate them with people doing horrible things. I blame Thomas Tyron’s Harvest Home. (I’ve had a request to write a longer version of this too; we’ll see how that goes.)

Give Me a Hug by Steve Adams

Good stuff.

Jellyfish Review

Give Me a Hug

Kissed my first guy tonight, a convict, and at my neighborhood bar in Brooklyn. So why the hell did I have to ask him if the Giants won? Seemed an innocent enough question at the time. The game had just ended. “You’re asking me?” he says. “You’re asking me if the Giants won?” He looked up at the TV over our heads. “I lost $60,000 on that game, and they had the ball five yards from the endzone when the clock ran out.” Actually, I could see the Giants had the ball three yards from the endzone because Sportscenter was running the play over and over and this poor bastard has to keep watching himself lose 60 large. Couldn’t tear his eyes from the screen. What was no doubt running through his head besides his loss, was he’d only been three yards away from making…

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New fiction!

I haven’t had much writing time this year because I’ve been so busy editing (autocorrect just made “so busy” into “donuts”. Mmm, donuts). But hey, I have new things out!

First up, my drabble “The Last Tea Party” is part of Damned Words 29, over at Pen of the Damned. I’ve admired PotD for quite a while now, and I’m honored to get to participate! About the story–be wary of weird things you inherit from Grandma. There’s a reason you’re the last grandchild standing!

Also, my short story “Bleedthrough,” first published in 2015 in Sanitarium Magazine #29 (29 again!), is now an awesome podcast episode from The Wicked Library. Shelley is recently downsized from her workplace, and she seeks to use virtual reality to work out her frustration. When she chooses a famous series of murders to explore, she knows she can’t change history…but she’s about to find out that history can change her.

I’m particularly fond of this very dark story, and I got to do a great follow-up interview with producer Daniel Foytik. Listen here. (Content warning: graphic depictions of murder, animal death, cannibalism.)