Give Me a Hug by Steve Adams

Good stuff.

Jellyfish Review

Give Me a Hug

Kissed my first guy tonight, a convict, and at my neighborhood bar in Brooklyn. So why the hell did I have to ask him if the Giants won? Seemed an innocent enough question at the time. The game had just ended. “You’re asking me?” he says. “You’re asking me if the Giants won?” He looked up at the TV over our heads. “I lost $60,000 on that game, and they had the ball five yards from the endzone when the clock ran out.” Actually, I could see the Giants had the ball three yards from the endzone because Sportscenter was running the play over and over and this poor bastard has to keep watching himself lose 60 large. Couldn’t tear his eyes from the screen. What was no doubt running through his head besides his loss, was he’d only been three yards away from making…

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