Explorations: Colony!

The bestselling anthology series continues with 12 brand new, never-before-seen stories! Become an Explorer today!

The war is over, Earth all but decimated, the Sun dying. But there is still hope. Colony ships leave, taking the lucky ones across the galaxy in search of new worlds to call home. Among the stars they will find strange wonders, and new terrors. 

Join an all-star cast as they set forth on Earth’s most important Exploration yet in Explorations: Colony!


Melt – Felix R Savage

Knowledge at Any Cost – Jasper T Scott

The Unsung Heroes of Sublevel 12 – Amy DuBoff

The Failsafe – Ian Whates

Fleeing the Fire – Ralph Kern

The Colony of Imago – Scott Bartlett

Spiderfall – Scott Moon

Colony: Earth – Robert M Campbell

Howl – Scarlett R Algee

A Time and a Space – Nathan Hystad

The Light of Distant Earth – Tim C Taylor

A Change of Plans – Dennis E Taylor

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