New releases!

I swear, the regularity with which I forget about this thing tells me I should hire an assistant to post for me, haha.

New stories from me: “The One Who Waits,” in Explorations: War (Woodbridge Press, August 2017). My first attempt at a serious sci-fi story, and I think it came out with a nice slow-burn effect. I’ll let you judge 🙂

“Ticker” (hey, a steampunk haunting story!) and “Clary Recollected” (a woman’s murder, seen through various sets of eyes–something of a very dark prose poem) in Possessions 3 (Third from the Right Productions, August 2017).

“Seeing Shadows” is a story of a small-town Southern boy with an unwanted ability, and its consequences. First printed in Sanitarium #50, it’s been reprinted at Dark Fire Fiction.

Forthcoming: a new episode for The Lift, and my second sci-fi horror story, “Howl,” in Woodbridge Press’ Explorations: Colony. More on those as they’re released!

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