Lovecraft Reincarnated?

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The following article is written by Charley Brady.

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  1. P. Lovecraft – Reincarnated?

Art by Sean Phillips: Art by Sean Phillips: – click to enlarge

Did Lovecraft ever entertain the notion of having lived previous lives?  Never mind ‘Herbert West – Re-animator’; how sounds ‘Howard Lovecraft – Reincarnationist’?

Ah, just listen to those collective groans of incredulity. In fact, I don’t even think it’s a real word.  Well, such an idea is fantastic and fabulous in the extreme.  He was, after all, the consummate ‘mechanistic materialist’; but if he called it wrong and has not entered that state of non-existence that he yearned for so passionately (“I no longer really desire anything but oblivion”, he once wrote) then he is no doubt whirling madly around Swan Point Cemetery in outrage that I should pen such thoughts on his behalf.

Yet stay with me.  I don’t actually believe any such…

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